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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Never Ending Story ke apa ni???....

Knock! Knock!...
Who's there?....

Someone at my door?

Oh dear! Not Again.....??
~Dont tell me, that was YOU knocking....??~

Presenting..... the Never Ending Story..??

Haiyaaaa...story mory apa plak ni, My Lady??
Hmmm.. Story ni sbenar dh habis. Dah tamat. Dah THE END!!!
Dah Tutup! No Siaran Ulangan Dah pn...

Tapi Mcm selalu2 seblum ni...
Dia ingat dia leh datang. Dia leh pergi ...
Ikut Suka2 hati dia...??
Without any words or what so ever
Like Nobody Business..??
and expect to do the same OLD thing,
Again & Again..??

With a gentle knock on the door! Plus the nice SALAM...(btw..ade ke bagi salam tadi??? i dont think so ~ )
Hoping that I will open the door and let U in ~ again??

WTF!! Enuf is Enuf dear. Im tired and bored. Why should things be different? Stop pretending that U did no wrong! I had enuf of all these BS!! ...aarrrggghhh....

By the way, my heart doesn't have door that allowed people to come In and Go as they wish...!! My heart doesnt need a doormat either. Especially the one that saying WELCOME!! So i dont think that U can just walk in and use my doormat as U used to do, to wipe your feet off. Now, i supposed U can wipe your dirt and mud elsewhere! As for my story, it is ROGER 'N' OUT for good.

So my dear lady, do enjoy it ~ :) but do remember: One Door Closes, One Door Opens !!

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