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Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is part of my life ~ been there . done that~!

This part of my life is called " watching me" 
...in a movie called the Pursuit of Happyness"

Bagi mrk yg blum pernah tgk movie ni, go and get it and kindly watch the journey of  a Chris Gardner. This part of his life is shared in a movie. Yes, this movie based on his true story. Im sure ada antara kita, akan merasa bahawa keperitan yg kita lalui selama ini, adalah yg paling pahit. TAPI..jangan lupa: Ada Insan Lain yg lebih merasa keperitan dari kita. And to this of Mr Chris Gardner's will get us going, no matter how hard it takes...to reach the life we called "happiness."

Relate to his story a lot, never stop believing in my self, study all the time, people did not realize it when things goes wrong here & there. I've been in his shoes, and I understand the pursuit of happyness, And with the things that he went thru and now he's a very successful man, I thank Mr. Chris Gardner for sharing his story and let us, sit back and tell ourselves that " I've Been There, Done That! ..AND I've survived.."

It's about time - thinking of putting the pursuit of happyness ahead of everything...
what an inspirational scene! Outstanding story!

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