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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pieces of the JigSaw Puzzle

Morning.. A very good day to celebrate. A piece of the puzzle has been discovered.

No more questions to be asked. No more wonders to be stored, in my mind. Finally, the empty space in the jigsaw puzzle has been filled with happiness and joy.

Alhamdulillah! The search has ended yesterday when i finally found the last piece!

All together, there were 3 pieces. Gone missing a couple of years after I was born. So I was told...

Yes! It has been ages...The emptiness. The hearthache. Remind me of the pain we had to face each day...Thinking about it creates holes in the heart as days go by. As much as we keep swallow the memories, the emptiness stays. Poor thing! What can we do back then.

Searching for remedy was not the game here. Finding the lost pieces is the answer !! 

Syukuralhamdulillah ...
The first piece was found in Jasin, Melaka. A wonderful journey and jolly moment for us. The second, I found freely happy and full of adventures in life. In fact, this piece is the reason I stay on. A closer to recover the last piece of the whole picture. I placed both pieces in the respective place.. Hmmm..2 down, 1 to go!!

The empty space remained. Eventhought i have found the two pieces earlier, My heart's smiling. Happy enough to learn that sooner or later, im gonna find the last piece. I highly hope to complete the puzzle of my heart soon.

SubhanaAllah. Alhamdulillah... HE listened to my prayers. Finally, it was yesterday - I've found my last lost piece of the jigsaw puzzle. End of the search for the missing pieces of the heart. Thankz Allah. Thankz to ALL of you my darling pieces of the puzzle. Now we are ONE happy completed HEART.

With the completed puzzle I smile away with a happy ending....

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