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Monday, January 31, 2011

it's a wet.....wet weather!!

 Non - stop raining!! Pouring since early morning!! It's a wet day ~ and it's the best day of time where U can spend time at home ~~ feeling the breeze of a wet , wet weather.... ( it's still raining even im writing this entry)
I can feel the breeze thru my window. It's cold..damn cool!

But one thing for sure, the mood of spending my SUNDAY changed. I supposed to send Amer for his football training. Before that, we planned to go out for breakfast. Having half-boiled eggs and roti bakar was what on his mind. Then the rain delayed our plan. I was stuck at home (in my room) waiting for the  rain to stop pouring. But it seems that the weather was against me ...ha ha ha...

I hate to drive in the rain and rather stay home and be lazy.. For most of us, being stuck in bed during wet season is the best thing to do - Especially when it's rains early in the morning! ( im sure lots of You out there, smiling away with my remarks..;) hahaha I wish I can do that.....

But then I remember...I need to go to the bank to pay my bills. Oh dear! I need to go out after all. I took Amer with me. I drove my way and since I was out, I dropped by 7e. Bought some newspapers and a magazine. With these, I can spend my Sunday in bed ....READING..?!!? hmm....what an idea... (' ~')

Its still Raining ! Pouring! ~ it's a wet, wet weather and hope tomorrow come the Sun ...

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