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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lets Take " A walk to remember"...

Again.. today I watched this movie.. I remembered the first time I watched this fantastic, superb, darlings movie with my best friend years ago. After a month later, I watched it again....and again...again. AND today, for the first time this year, I watched it again. Thanks to my dear Kelly :) I've chat with him on the net about movie that we love the most! Well, from the moment I realized that I miss being with Jamie & Landon. And I can tell U that EVERYTIME I watched the movie, I CRIED....!! YES, dear...I cried again....today!!! You read it right. I cried almost everytime I watched it over again and again...

But Why? I cant explain but the movie really touched my heart out!! It may sound very " whatevaaa..." but it will always make me cry especially toward the end !! I guess it's not the characters within but the feeling of being inside the character ....  hahahaha

I guess, others who watched the movie, felt the same ...Im sure YOU'll feel the pain ... when the story ends. It touched the heart so dearly... I found its tale related and touched our life. It may always stay in my heart forever. The most beautiful love story ever....

Oh yes..actually the movie was adapted from a novel with the same title. Reading the book was like finding your true love. I was in love it. I adore Jamie and Landon for their ever ending love. And the best part was the love changed ones life forever. The Love brings the two person together and united them with a strange and unique way. Thanks to " A Walk to Remember" for showing me that things happened that we are aware off and it happened for a reason. So do the walk that Jamie and Landon had to talk...

It is hard to tell the emotional feeling that kept going thru out the time, watching it. I guess for those who had time to read and watched the movie, will agree with me. For those of You out there who have not seen the movie, Please go out and get the VCD , of coz the original one hehe.. (Or  u can simple download from internet)

AND ...You might need to get some tissue as well...hehe !! ;)

** Kalau la ada lelaki kat luar sana yg sanggup lakukan mcm Landon pada Jamie, aku salute dorang! Tapi ade ke....??? Klu uolz penah jumpa or happened to have one... story me k..;)**

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