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Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Evening To Remember

My Dear Ladies,
Firstly, ML would love to THANK my darlings BFF for making OUR Day & Sheena's Bday celebration, a memorable one. Eventhoug it has been more than a month old event, but it seems like yesterday!

Meeting all of them again, was awesome. We had a great time that evening. Seperti biasa ML & S arrived tepat pada masa. Beside being the host of the event, S was excited but cool - waiting for others to come. Sebenarnya kata S, kali ni dia invite kami ber3 je... OH REALLY ? Terharu nya...I guess, that was her wish for wanting to spent some time wt us on that special day.

S sent text a few day before, to ML CT, CL and asked us to meet her at this place. Mulanya, ML a bit confused. Dia tak ckp bnyk pasal venue pertemuan ktorg kali ni. Cuma S gave the address in the text but still I have no idea "where" the place was, until the day itself.

Mcm janji Mat Salleh .... S and I sampai dulu! Then came along CT. Best giler masa jumpa CT. eWe hug n *muaah* pp. Nice of CT to bring her " Kek Sandwich" for S.  It was supposed to be S's bday celebration too...huhuhu What else to expect on these SPECIAL DAY - happy Birthday S, Happy Mom's day to ML, CT, CL and S..

What made the day so special? 
We Are So thankful to ALLAH bcoz after so many years, we managed to keep in touch and meet up again. We seems to be the same old DSS students of UITM Pahang! It was an awesome experience recalled our memory lane over dinner. THANKS Ladies!! :) - 7/6/12

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